Friday, April 8, 2011


April 11. The time has come again. The sixth anniversary of his passing. A date so vivid that it will be etched on my mind forever. A date that is much more important to me than any other date. A day when a light in my life flickered out, leaving behind only half-forgotten memories and fading photographs. Sometimes I even contemplate whether I can truly be happy again knowing that he is not around anymore. Then, there are times when I wonder if I had done enough for him. Oftentimes, I'd tell myself that he is in a much better place and my wanting him to still be here is only part of my own selfishness and self-interest. There is no way I can turn back time and though it is very heart-breaking, to keep on wishing for something that is impossible will not serve any useful purpose. Abah, you are still missed all the time. Al Fatihah.