Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today is Father's Day and I don't even know what to write about. There are many things that I want to tell but somehow, the words don't come out as I want them to be. I have lumps in my throat every time I think of my father. I have been thinking about this entry for the past two days and up until now, my brain still can't come up with anything. At the same time, it's also my younger brother's birthday today and it must be harder for him than it is for me. When my father was still around, we never did anything special on Father's Day. Staying far away from my parents back then, we never had the chance to celebrate Father's Day together and even if we did, it would seem awkward to do so since my father was an old-fashioned guy whose celebrations were limited to religious festivities and community gatherings. Father's Day will come and go and after today is over, I'm sure most of us will forget about it. The only one day we are compelled to show our appreciation to our fathers has made its round and it will another year before it comes back again. Many of us will be able to breathe a sign of relief but I will still be thinking about it, knowing I could have written something much more meaningful than this about my father.