Saturday, June 27, 2009


Lisa Marie Presley wrote about MJ in her blog and there is more than what meets the eye if you read between the lines. She said that Michael knew what was coming and that she failed to help him. He even thought that he was going to end up like Elvis. What's that all about? Lisa Marie did not state clearly the exact content of their intimate conversation and the prediction that Michael made but my eternally suspicious mind suspects (please forgive me) there must have been some kind of substance abuse on his part. I truly hope this is not true. Too many lives and too many talents have become victims of drugs and alcohol. I can live with the fact that Michael was quite strange in his behaviour and demeanor. I can even accept all those unnecessary surgeries but substance abuse is something that I have never associated with Michael. Never. I know that the next few days is going to be important. His autopsy report will be released and only then will we know the truth behind the cause of his death. Never have I hoped and wanted so much to be proven wrong. Until now.