Monday, September 26, 2011


I really thought that I was done with the whole 'wedding business' after my baby brother got married earlier this year. Boy, was I wrong about that. Zam, one of the guys at the centre where my mother goes for her hemodialysis treatment came to me asking me to help with his 'hantaran'. He was already nervous from all the things that he had to do since his 'kenduri' would take place on the first week of Syawal. I understood what he was going through and how could I say no to him? He was always nice to both me and my mother and to say no was definitely inappropriate. I had tonnes and tonnes of things to do both at home and at work but I figured that I could still manage everything. He wanted royal yellow as the theme colour for the gifts and I was afraid of using too much of that colour. It seems that I'm much more partial to softer and soothing hues lately instead of stronger primary colours which can be very overpowering if not utilised wisely. Initially, he had left everything for me to decide but hey, I don't usually work that way especially if it involves other people and their money. I managed to persuade him to go shopping with me for stuff that we needed (rightfully, it was he who needed those things and not me). My job was made easier when he never did once disagree with any of my suggestions (his mind was clearly somewhere else, lol). I have seen too many extremely elaborate 'hantaran' (a complete turn off for me) and I definitely did not want the decorations to overshadow the gifts. Personally, I'm quite satisfied with the outcome of my work which I think is simple and not too over the top (but only in my opinion, mind you). To the bride and groom, congratulations!

p/s One of my nephews will be getting married soon and I have already told my sister that I can't be of much assistance to her (since she stays in another state). I am ready to give suggestions and opinions but I definitely will not be able to be too involved this time.