Saturday, September 10, 2011


I've noticed that my blog has been turning into some sort of karaoke lounge lately. To tell the truth, I don't have anything interesting to say or write at the moment. In other words, I'm running out of ideas on what to write (it's not like I had tonnes and tonnes of ideas before this anyway). I am not really fond of rambling about personal stuff and reporting every single thing that happens in my life sounds a little egocentric to me. In addition, it is so not me anymore to comment on every current issue, especially social and political ones, that others might find interesting. I prefer to keep things to myself nowadays. I'm no longer the loud and vocal person I once was. I haven't lost my bite and my bark but I'd rather not show my true colours too much to everyone. There was a time when everyone could expect a comment, opinion or remark from me regarding almost everything. Nowadays, I prefer to keep my big mouth shut since there have been far too many occasions when I have put my foot in my mouth. Most of the things are quite impertinent to my being and existence anyway. Maybe my seemingly shallow understanding on a lot of stuff has also hindered me from being too critical and judgmental of things. I believe that my commenting on any of them is not going to do any good to me (and others) at all. I'm not saying that I'm so goody-two-shoes or trying to be one. That bitchy, sarcastic and complaining side of me will always be there and can emerge anytime without warning. What I'm trying to say is these days, I'd rather not let things get to me too easily. I think I've enough of chaos, drama and theatrics that can and will rob me off the feeling of peace and tranquility that I so much need in my life. I need something light and not too serious. At the same time, I also want to share a little bit (just a little bit) of my life and feelings with others without revealing too much. Certain things are better kept as secrets, right? Hence, the virtual karaoke lounge in this blog. It's a place where you can sing your hearts out. In fact, you can even vent out your frustrations, sadness and anger here. To those who like to sing, you're very much welcomed here. The number of my self-made karaoke songs is very small and I hope you can find something that you like. I will try to come up with more, provided that I have the time and resources. Welcome to my karaoke lounge and stay as long as you want to. There is no cover charge and this place is opened 24/7/365. Don't forget to bring some friends over and let's have a good time!