Sunday, September 25, 2011


I know I'm way outdated (almost a year behind actually) since I only got to watch 'The Rocky Horror Glee Show' last week. I did not particularly like the episode and I think the songs were horribly performed. Watching it did bring back some good memories though. I was only 19 years old when I attended the midnight screening of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' for the first time. All my friends were seasoned and regular attendees of the movie while I was just an innocent and clueless 'virgin'. I'd say that they were quite keen to 'deflower' me. Poor little me. With a little bit of persuasion and smooth talking (it didn't take much to coax a 19-year-old virgin actually), I agreed to go and watch this movie. I had never heard of it before and and no idea whatsoever what it was all about. They promised that I would have a good time and we would go for a 'bite' (no pun intended) after the screening. Imagine my shock when I reached the cinema which was located at the students centre. I could see quite a number of people dressed up in drag and strange outfits. I had seen beautiful drag queens and transvestites before but what I saw made me want to run and hide in a deep hole somewhere. There were guys wearing heavy make-up, black lace corsets, stockings and garter belts under the bright lights! They were definitely not a pretty bunch. Others came with umbrellas, newspaper and flashlights. It was really a strange sight. It wasn't raining at all that night and there was no warning of any impending blackout either. I had no idea what the newspaper was for but I was sure that it was not for reading. A few were comfortably dressed in their night clothes or underclothes (seriously, I'm not joking). I was among the few who were decently dressed and I guess that was how they knew I was still 'pure'. I wondered what I had gotten myself into but there was clearly no turning back from that point on. The rest, as people say, is history. My 'cherry' was busted that night and how! The movie is still one of my favourites of all time and I feel truly sorry for those who lost their 'virginity' watching the 'Glee' version. It was not even half close to the real thing. One has to go and see the stage production or the movie itself to truly feel what it is like to have a mind-blowing orgasmic experience. Now, my dear fellow Transylvanians, let's do the Time Warp again!

My old 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' cassette. Totally last century, y'all!