Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is one of my favourite old-fashioned music stores and when I say old-fashioned, it is REALLY old-fashioned. The shop is small, hot and dusty but this is where I would go from time to time to source for my Malay records and cassettes especially from the 80s. Four your information, the shop doesn't sell any CDs, only records and cassettes. The owner of the shop is a soft-spoken Chinese man in his late 60s and he can usually be seen sitting outside the shop playing 'erhu', a type of Chinese musical instruments with a few of his friends. The shop has been around for quite a while and unlike other shops neighbouring it, it just refuses to die. It still retains its old look and its old layout. It's not air-conditioned and like other old shops from the last century (sounds truly ancient, doesn't it?), it doesn't have any proper door. Everything is a little bit disorganised in the shop so you have to be patient if you want to look for something. Despite all these inconveniences, it has reached an almost 'cult' status among local music lovers who are always looking for rare and hard-to-find records. I'm not even sure of the exact name of the shop. It can either be Nang Yang or Nanyang since the shops's plastic bag (definitely from the last century) and signboard do not use the same name. Leaving that matter aside, I still think it is a great place (at least for me). Every time, I go there, it's like tasting a piece of my past when life was carefree and without much hassle. If you have seen the movie 'Field Of Dreams' starring Kevin Costner and Amy Madigan, I'm sure you will know what I mean. But as people often say 'you can always visit but you can never go back.' So if you happen to come across any situation that brings back pleasant memories, hold on to it as long as you can since those precious moments will never repeat themselves.