Sunday, July 5, 2009


I'm being very judgmental here and I can't help it. Madonna could have chosen a better song for her MJ tribute during her London concert. That's what I think. MJ's picture was shown when Madonna was performing 'Holiday' before the music was changed to the intro of 'Billie Jean' and 'Wanna Be Starting Something'. How inappropriate and insensitive! Tasteless and crass. She could have chosen 'Man In The Mirror' or 'Heal The World' for goodness sake! I guess a slower and much more meaningful song would only dampen her 'Sticky & Sweet' tour and divert the audience's attention. I also believe that she did not have time to include a new routine in her concert since everybody knows that Madonna's concerts are meticulously choreographed and she always lip-syncs. Her whole concert would have to be rearranged if she were to do that. The easiest way out was to show a picture when she was performing and dance with an impersonator to a couple of MJ's songs. She did not even sing any of the lines! During her 'Virgin Tour' back in the 80s, she borrowed part of MJ's moves and lyrics from 'Billie Jean' and incorporated that into her 'Like A Virgin' routine. It looked sweet back then but I now realize that it was her way of cashing in on MJ's popularity and fame. The 'King Of Pop' is dead but Madonna now is officially crowned the 'Queen Of Trash'.