Thursday, July 16, 2009


OMG! He didn't not even realize that his hair was on fire! He kept on dancing for a while, definitely oblivious to what was happening to him. You can see how his hair started to catch fire and the bald spot on his head at the end of the footage. I know how painful a burn can be (I accidentally burned my finger while ironing my shirt once) and the trauma it can inflict on a person. This shocking video footage was provided by US Weekly on its official website and nobody knew how they got hold of it. In my opinion, the video had never been shown until now since some people would have made a massive joke out of it. I know some insensitive stand-up comedians would love to use this as part of their comedy routines. Pepsi would have suffered too and I guess that is why they paid MJ a huge sum of money. The commercial was never completed and I'm sure die-hard MJ's fans will stop drinking Pepsi after seeing this. As for me, I've never really liked the taste of Pepsi that much and will always be a loyal 'Kickapoo' drinker.