Thursday, July 16, 2009


They are taking it real slow and I pray that the album is going to be worth the wait. Whitney's new album will be released on September 1 and I can hardly wait for it to hit the stores. I went to her official website this morning and there it was, the cover of her album! Somehow, it reminds me so much of her debut album. After looking at it real closely, I finally realise that it is not only the pose and the one-shouldered dress that are similar but also the typeface used. There is something about the eyes and that enigmatic smile which suggest experience and serenity compared to the look and pose on the first album which, at least to me, portray innocence and naivete. My only complaint is the colour. Somehow, I don't like the greyish background which looks a little bit dull and out-dated to me. A little bit of colour won't hurt I would say but I don't want to be too judgmental. I'll let the album speak for itself. After all, never judge a book (or should I say album) by its cover.