Thursday, May 14, 2009


We've heard of sms divorce, youtube divorce and the next big thing I'm predicting is cyber divorce where divorce can be done via the Internet. Cyber dating, cyber love affairs and cyber sex are so common nowadays that they have become so passé. Even cyber weddings are carried out from time to time. Now I think is the time for cyber divorce to make its appearance in all its Internet glory and for the whole world to see. To clear any misunderstanding, I would like to say that I'm not talking about online divorce where everything is done by filling up forms online or clicking the mouse to upload the documents so they can be processed by those who are involved. I'm talking about 'cyber divorce' where the plaintiff and defendant hook up live on the Internet. It's almost like any reality programme but it's done via the Internet. So what's the difference between a cyber divorce and a reality programme? Unlike reality programmes, cyber divorces allow everyone to become the 'star' even if you don't have any talent whatsoever. Anybody can participate and become part of the event. It's also possible that the proceedings will take a whole new dimension when celebrities' cyber divorces can be viewed by pay-by-the-minute live streaming. How wonderful and exciting! I can hardly wait for someone to be the first to do this and it' d better be on a huge scale. Viewers get to see the dissolution of their favourite celebrities' marriages and the celebrities themselves can get a portion of the money from the the viewers. It's a win-win situation for both the viewers and the celebrities themselves. Except for the marriage itself, of course. The drama, outrage, betrayal, promiscuity, dirty secrets and scandals will be ours and ours only to savour and enjoy. How delicious! Even soap operas can't top this! Instead of scanning the TV Guide or channel guide for programmes, we will be googling the most accurate to-the-minute cyber divorces. Maybe, we can even send our votes to show our support for our favourite soon-to-be-divorced celebrities. Well, it is definitely the age of ICT and I guess, you can do almost everything in cyber space.