Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Call me jealous and say it right to my face, I don't mind. It's true I am quite envious when I see people (especially the young ones) who still have a lot of passion for life. I'm losing mine bit by bit and I need to analyse the causes. Pronto. Part of it can be attributed to my lifestyle. I guess I have reached a stage where I don't need much in my life anymore and I don't need to prove myself to anybody anymore. I'm sure a lot of people will say that there are myriads of things I haven't done in my life and maybe venturing into something new could spark the passion back in my life but are these things necessary? It sounds pessimistic and pathetic (I know) but it could be possible that my attitude and outlook towards life are the driving force behind my losing passion for life. I'm not saying that I've lost it altogether but there are days when I don't feel like doing anything at all. Is this a sign of burnout or middle-age crisis? Could it be that emotional and mental exhaustion are responsible for the way I'm feeling and acting towards the world? I need to keep the passion burning. Otherwise, I am dead. Well, here are a few questions that I need to answer and I'm going to take my time going through each and every one of them. I found these questions on the Internet and I've modified them to suit my situation.

1. Is my attitude the source of the problem?
2. Are there people who are destroying my passion?
3. Are my expectations dragging me down?
4. Are non-work-related things the problem?
5. Am I in the wrong profession or company?
6. Do I want to bring the passion back in my life?
7. Can I survive without it?
8. Can I solve this problem alone?
9. Do I need peer support?
10. What are my options?

During the mean time, I need to hang on tight to the things that excite me (don't get any wrong ideas here).