Sunday, May 10, 2009


I wanted to post this when the commercial came out but I felt it was not the right time at that moment. My mum doesn't live with me but it's the other way around. I live with her and it can be quite hard to explain to people why I do this. After all, what is a big-ass grown-up man doing living with his mum? Can't he afford his own place? Is he afraid of the dark? Does he have unresolved issues he is trying to hide? None of these, I assure you. Well, here is my story and the story goes something like this. I was having the time of my life when I decided to go back to my hometown and live with my parents. My late father (may he rest in peace) was already unwell at that time and I took it as my duty to help my mother take care of him. My application for transfer went without a hitch and I was extremely happy. But I didn't stay with my parents straight away. I rented a place behind my parents' house and justified my decision by saying that I could still see them daily. But my conscience was troubling me. I didn't move all the way from another state so I could live in a house behind my parents' house. I decided to move into my parents' house and at the same time, still keep the rented house (FYI, I keep a lot of junk and need a place for storage). A year later, my father passed away due to brain hemorrhage. He fell when he was coming out from the bathroom and his head hit the side cabinet. He went into a coma for three days and never came out of it. I was the only one by his side when he passed away. My siblings and I were taking turns to be by his side and I had earlier asked my younger brother to go home to get some rest. It broke my heart to see my mother. She had lost her companion of more than 50 years. Since then, I have vowed never to leave her. We live quite an ordinary existence. Nothing special, really but I have to admit I regretted not doing this much earlier. My world and my life would definitely be much better had I done this earlier. My two younger brothers managed to get new jobs at a nearby town and live only thirty minutes away from my mum's place. My brothers come home every week or weekend (depending on their work schedule) to see my mum and we usually spend our time in the kitchen eating and talking. We rarely go out and we spend our time watching television (especially cooking programmes) or just talking. We have four cats and there are a few plants that we tend to. Not interesting at all to some people, I know but I could not and would not ask for more. To me, this is bliss and this is contentment. Happy Mother's Day, Mak.