Sunday, March 29, 2009


We are definitely paying a high price for modernization. There is no more privacy left in this this world since everything we do can be monitored, recorded or worse, published and spread for the whole world to see and judge. At the same time, the public can be quite harsh and judgmental when it comes to seeing what we don't normally do when we are in the public eye. I am not talking about what we do in public but the things that we do in the confines of our own homes. How safe is safe and how private is private nowadays? With the advancement in technology, we don't truly own ourselves and our lives anymore. Our privacy has gone down the drain. We don't even need to be a celebrity to have our pictures or videos taken by others (sometimes in very embarrassing situations) and uploaded to the Internet. How much of what we say or do really belongs to us? Not much I would say. Nowadays, whenever we buy something online, we are actually letting others peek into our lives. Every time we use our identity cards, we are exposing ourselves. There is nowhere we can run to or hide from the prying eyes of others (unless you want to live as a hermit in the middle of nowhere). It is as if you are living in a house with glass walls. Nothing much we do now can be considered as private and personal anymore. Welcome to the end of privacy!