Sunday, March 8, 2009


Is it wrong to share something when the item you want to share with is no longer available anywhere else? I'm referring to the music videos on youtube which have been removed due to copyright claims by certain parties. I agree certain music videos should not be posted if they can still be purchased and are available in the market but what about those which can no longer be found commercially? I'm not sure if this act of selfishness will prove to be beneficial to the companies or artists in the long run. It seems that the companies and the artists are trying to milk out every single cent from the public in anyway possible when they know some of the music videos were painstakingly recorded from television shows before they were converted into digital format. Shame on them! I guess they are afraid that these music videos will be downloaded and sold commercially in the market thus forfeiting the profits due them. This is utter stupidity when everybody and their mothers know that the quality of materials downloaded will never match that of the original. And what about those who want to see something which came out long before they were born (or even conceived)? From the legal point of view, I know youtube viewers will never win the case against the copyright owners but hey, haven't they made enough money yet? To a lot of people, it seems like it is no longer about principles but more about being selfish.