Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Who doesn't love curry puffs? In fact, it is one of the most easily found 'kuehs' around. There are many types of curry puffs and different ways of preparing it. The curry puffs experts have their own recipes on how to prepare the dough and the savoury fillings which they will never reveal to others. My mum has her own curry puff recipe but she says the best food and dishes are the ones prepared with love and not necessarily following step-by-step methods and using the most expensive ingredients available in the market (cliché but true). My mum watches as many cooking programmes as possible but her understanding of ingredients used and steps involved is often hindered by her lack of understanding the English language. So I have to act as her unofficial translator whenever something interesting comes on television and catches her attention. The downside of watching cooking programmes is it constantly makes me feel hungry. I used to be a very slim person but now, I don't even dare to step on the scales. My mum usually prepares her curry puffs a day ahead and then keeps them refrigerated. I try to help her whenever I can but she prefers to do things on her own. My job is usually to accompany her in the kitchen and most of the time, to taste the fillings she prepares (or more accurately, to eat the fillings she prepares). Hmm, I wonder if she is going to make some for me this evening.

p/s The top picture shows the curry puffs after my mum pre-fried them and as you can see only six are left in the bottom picture. The rest have gone into my tummy.