Sunday, March 15, 2009


My friend, whom my friends and I call Baggy, celebrates his birthday today. We go a long, long way back and there is a story behind his nickname 'Baggy'. I believe almost everybody has a nickname and sometimes, your friends can only remember the nickname that was given to you when you were young instead of your real name (permanent memory loss, I would say). It can be quite embarrassing (but at the same time, funny as hell) when you attend your school reunion where other people who do not share your past are present and you hear your nick being called out loud. For the faint-hearted, they will try to avoid reunions at all costs. I, too, had or still have a nickname but it's only used by those who are close to me. I will never ever tell others my nickname since it embarrasses me but I still consider it as a term that endears me to my friends. Some nicknames can be quite negative or harsh in nature so be careful where or when to use them. Back to my friend, Baggy, have a wonderful birthday and may all your wishes come true! Love you lots!

p/s I have often wondered why chubby guys are always called 'Bob'. Does it come from the word 'debab'?