Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am in Taiping at the moment attending a three-day course at the Taiping Golf Resort. For those who don't know (especially the present generation), 'From Taiping With Love' was the name of a cartoon strip which appeared in the 'Gila-gila' magazine back in the 80s and 90s. My youngest brother drove me to this place and we took my mum along. Unfortunately, they could not stay for long since my mum has to go to the dialysis centre tomorrow. We had our lunch at the restaurant while waiting for one of my friends to turn up. The place is quite secluded and I would say that the scenery from the rooms and restaurant is fantastic. The food, however, is another story. I've been here for only a few hours and I can't wait to go home for some real home-cooked food. The food that they serve have here is totally a disgrace to the delicious Malay food. I am not a picky eater but I like real flavours in my food. Interesting colours and textures and elaborate display just can't make up for what is lacking. I'm also taking this opportunity to catch up with a few friends who live here. Kay and Shah are two of my oldest friends whom I've known through the courses that I've attended. They came to see me and we went out to have tea at a 'mamak' restaurant. Something happened while we were having our tea but I'll be writing about it in another entry. The last time I saw Kay was five years ago and of course, there were lots of stories to tell and news to exchange. We stayed for a couple of hours and reminisced about the good and bad times we had. To Zam, Mimah, Aishah Kiran and Noi - I really miss you guys. And Al-Fatihah for arwah Baha.